Lacey Moak & Luke Manimala, 10/9/21

Spanning from Thursday to Monday, this action-packed weekend of events took full advantage of our space for everything from break-dancing under the projection array to relaxing in the swim spa and home style breakfasts in the kitchen. It was a long weekend full of art, music, and a play between tradition and contemporary style that echoed and complimented our venue. While the Mylanchi and other programming already typically extend to multiple days, the even further extended timeframe allowed for the the wedding party, all of whom were either staying on site or walking distance away, to really relax between events.

Photos by Hallow Vita and Trenton Gauthier

Planner:Shereene Manimala (Out of State)
Furniture:Yur Event Rentals
Florals:Cry Baby Floral
DJ:DJ iLLEST (Out of State), Toast Entertainment
Second Line:The Roots of Music
Videography:Toast Entertainment
Photography:Xo Azuree for Hallow Vita (Out of State)
Catering & Bartending:Aroma Catering, Tumeric Indian Cuisine
Cake:Bywater Bakery

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