Margaret Place

Welcome to the Lab

This is where Margaret Place comes alive. Here we showcase new capabilities to push forward the art of partying. On one end, that’s about tech like the transducer-driven dance floor that would be absolutely cutting edge and unique. On the tail end, that’s about moving extant capabilities from the fringe into the mainstream. With this initiative, we’re truly working to set higher expectations for the whole industry. What we ask in return is an understanding that none of these capabilities are guaranteed nor available for every type of event, nor can we deliver too many at once. This is essentially a partnership where clients are able to access the cutting edge at tremendous values but it’s only “For Those Who Know”.

Projection Array v1.5, with DMX Light Integration

Status: Beta, generally stable except in high winds or rain.
Cost: $1,000 standalone or $3,000 as part of a package with graphic design and operation by Brendan Pechon of Dohm Collective

Our signature capability at the moment, three 6000 lumen projectors emerge from the soffit to create a 70’ x 18’ audio-reactive visuals powered by Resolume and Synesthesia. Further, these visuals then influence the corresponding DMX lights beneath the projection, allowing the whole space to pulse with the beat. Despite the power of the system, the intention is actually subtlety - since we’re projecting on brick it’s not so suitable for photos but rather for enlivening the whole space and connecting it to the music.

We’ve been using Adobe Project Firefly to create monograms and word marks for couples who didn’t otherwise provide them. Our next step is to integrate the system with TouchOSC to allow Trent or another operator to control it via iPad from within the space.

Production Rentals

Status: Beta, no issues yet but relies on Trent for setup

We have connections and inventory to get gear for below market, particularly useful for setting the DJ up in the parlor, garden, gazebo, or stage. Remember that we already include a great Sound System and lighting - this is just to facilitate atypical or otherwise creative setups.

$100 each - JBL SRX835P 15" Three-Way Bass Reflex Self-Powered Speakers
(We really like using just a single one mono sideways, particularly in the parlor where it rumbles the floor, be we have two)
$300 for pair - Chauvet GigBAR Move + ILS, all-in-one light show.
(These are great because their automatic programs are actually really good and they come with a footswitch for your performer(s) to change or blackout the fixture intuitively)
$100 for pair - Chauvet Hurricane 1600 hazer with wired timer remote.
(Needed to make the lights look great)
- The above is frequently bundled together -

$100 - Denon Prime 4+ 4 Channel DJ Mixer
(Compatible with Rekordbox, more compact, less expensive, and substantially easier to setup than CDJs. It's Jen's personal mixer so it also has Tidal already setup and is stickered)
$200 - Sony VPL-PHZ10 5000 Lumen projector and stand

Hybrid Catering - Extended service for drop-off caterers

Status: Early alpha, we've done three events already, but every quote is custom, and we haven't developed economies of scale yet.

This has been brewing for a long time. It's in the original business plan from 2015, it's how I did my own wedding, and it's really important to our overriding "mission" of making luxurious events work for more people and more of the city. The idea is simple: instead of hiring a full-service caterer, you shop a "drop-off" caterer and then we handle the order, delivery, service (any model: seated, family style, buffet, or - my favorite - passed), serviceware, and presentation.

We love working with smaller vendors. Your order might make all the difference in the world to some of these restaurants. You can find many local options on EZ Cater such as Boswell's Jamaican, 14 Parishes, Addis NOLA, Tal's Hummus, Stein's Deli, Rock N Roll, Banh Mi Boys, The Simple Greek, and even full-service caterers like Pigeon. Off of EZ Cater, we love NOLA Crawfish King, Tumeric Indian, Nell's Catering, & 9 Roses for Vietnamese. We've found that most local operators, particularly Vietnamese, Thai, Hispanic, BBQ, and Indian are beyond excited for a huge drop-off order so don't feel limited to our list or EZ Cater's.

Lastly, we're also looking to do some high-impact high-labor low-portability options in-house such as grand charcuterie platters, whole hog, and the like. However, that's further off still.

If you're interested, our current pricing is: 20% of the total for the ordering, consulting, storage, and bulk handling, plus $50 per staff per hour.

Group Purchase: Custom 8' "Farmhouse" Tables and Ghost Side Chairs

Status: Collecting Interest

We love the functionality and vibe of the 8' farmhouse tables from various vendors like YUR, Element, Distressed, and Lovegood. It makes our venue perfect for a seated dinner of up to 180. However, 1) seated dinners have historically been the least common type of event we book, 2) the storage space and setup required is non-trivial, and 3) the specific tables on the market are all too "antique-y" for us and heavy (120lbs!).

So we're interested in working with Curious Form again to have fifteen custom 8' x 40" tables fabricated to match our existing collection - frosted white polycarbonate tops that are beautiful enough to leave bare and a lightweight, high quality aluminum construction powder-coated white.

Like our other group purchases, the individual commitment is much cheaper than it would be through a rental company, $75 per table with no additional fees, but the risk is that we'll only move forward if we get enough clients to commit. If you're already a client just reach out by email and let us know that you want to participate.

We're also interested in swapping our folding chairs for more attractive Ghost Side chairs. They are less functional and take up much more storage space, but I can't deny that they look a ton nicer. Only Element carries them and they want $10/chair before fees. We're looking for $7.50 per chair. As with all these group purchases, once we have enough clients commit they become free for everyone after! Wholesale we can get them for $60/chair so that's only 8 clients. We want to get 126 chairs (18 stacks of 7) at max but they'll mix great with our existing 42 ghost chairs that have arms. You could do the first two or three rows of ceremony seating with the arms or line the aisle. Another benefit is that they are ~3 inches less wide than the folding chairs so you can either fit more seating or make the same amount of seating appear more spread out and luxurious.